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  • 20 Jul 2012 5:20 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)

    The 11th Sensometrics Meeting took place July 10-13, 2012, in Rennes (France) with 145 participants from all over the world. I would like to thank the organizing and scientific committees for organizing a great and memorable event, in particular Marine Cadoret, Karine Bagory, and Sébastien Lê who successfully led the committees.

    Presentation slides and abstracts are already available on the conference homepage (these will also become availble on the society's website in due course); you can also find some impressions from the meeting.

    The XLSTAT award for the best student work as voted upon by the scientific committee was received by Cécile Bavay for her joint work with R. Symoneaux, I. Maitre, A. Kuznestova, P.B. Brockhoff, and E. Mehinagic on "Methodological development for sensory evaluation of product presenting biological variability: a case study on apple."

    The poster awards (voted upon by all participants) went to:

    1st: Sébastien Berthelo in collaboration with M. Brossier, D. Gourret and J. Pagès: 
    "Another way to treat JAR scales: application to the sensory characterization of products"

    2nd: A. Crine in collaboration with A. Gruel and S. Lê:
    "Ideal Profile Method: an efficient way to improve products?"

    3rd: Minh-Tam Lê in collaboration with Q. Carré and S. Lê:
    "A napping based methodology for quickly getting a model of consumer emotions"

    Congratulation to all awardees.

    The next Sensometrics Meeting is planned to be held July 29-August 1, 2014, in Chicago (IL, USA). While details are yet to be confirmed, please mark this date already now in your calendar.

    Looking forward to meeting you there at the latest,

    Michael Meyners (chair)

  • 20 Jul 2012 5:06 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)

    During last week's AGM, several positions on the committee had to be filled again due to end of the respective terms. The new committee stands as follows:

    Chair:         Michael Meyners (Germany, through 2016)
    Vice-chair:  John Castura (Canada, through 2014) 
    Treasurer:   Anne Hasted (UK, through 2014)
    Secretary:  John Ennis (USA, through 2016)

    Ordinary members:
    Dominic Buck (UK, through 2016)
    Rune Christensen (Denmark, through 2016)
    Barbara Pfeiffer (Switzerland, through 2014)
    Thierry Worch (The Netherlands / UK, through 2014)

    Please join me in welcoming all new members on the committee and support them throughout their term. Please also join me in thanking the retired committee members for their engagement in various society matters during their term:
    Per Bruun Brockhoff, Isabelle Lesschaeve, Sébastien Lê, and Jean-François Meullenet.

    Michael Meyners

  • 17 Jul 2012 3:20 PM | Barbara PFEIFFER (Administrator)

    The Minutes of the AGM 2012 are available in the Members's Section now.

    Please use your e-mail and password to log in.

  • 03 Jul 2012 6:11 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)

    The 11th Sensometrics meeting at Agrocampus Ouest, Rennes, France, is fast approaching, and with it the Annual General Meeting (AGM). It will take place July 11, 17:05h local time. The agenda for the AGM is as follows:

    1. Minutes of the previous meeting (please read them here before the meeting)
    2. Chairman’s report
    3. Treasurer’s report
    4. Membership
    5. Member benefits
    6. Sensometrics Meetings
    7. Elections
    8. Other topics

    Looking forward to meeting many of you in Rennes,


  • 24 Jun 2012 7:02 PM | Barbara PFEIFFER (Administrator)
    Please find the preliminary program of this year´s Sensometric Conference in our Meetings section or directly on the dedicated conference homepage.
  • 24 Jun 2012 6:49 PM | Barbara PFEIFFER (Administrator)
    The Sensometric Society is pleased to announce that the Institute for Perception is offering discounted registration to members for these upcoming Fall 2012 courses:
    • Combinatorial Tools for Product and Brand Optimization
      (The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia,  USA, November 5-6)
    • Drivers of Liking® and Emotion Mapping
       (The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, USA, November 7-9)
    Please see related Events pages of this website for more details by following the links above, or register on the Institute for Perception website.
  • 14 Jun 2012 10:56 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)

    We are happy to announce the following recipients of a travel award to attend the forthcoming 11th Sensometrics meeting in Rennes:

    Valérie (Lengard) Almli, Norway
    Christian Dehlholm, Denmark
    Elena Menichelli, Italy
    Betina Piqueras-Fiszman, Spain/UK
    Vanessa Rios de Souza, Brazil
    Flávia Santos Twardowski Pinto, Brazil

    Congratulations to all recipients. We look forward to your contributions at the meeting in Rennes.

    Marine Cardoret
    Sébastien Lê
    Michael Meyners

  • 08 Feb 2012 11:36 PM | John Castura (Administrator)
    The Sensometric Society is pleased to announce that the Institute for Perception is offering discounted registration to members for these upcoming 2012 courses:
    Please see Related Events pages of this website for more details by following the links above, or register on the Institute for Perception website.
  • 12 Dec 2011 2:54 AM | Michael Meyners (Administrator)
    The Sensometric Society invites applications for
    Travel bursaries
    Student scholarships
    for participation in the 11th Sensometrics meeting 2012.

    The Sensometric Society intends to grant at least one travel bursary and at least three student scholarships for attendance at the 11th Sensometrics meeting, to be held July 10-13 2012 in Rennes, France.

    Prerequisite for application to any of these is the submission of an abstract to the conference. Only accepted abstracts will be finally considered (though application needs to be received before notification). The decision about the grants will be made depending on the quality of the abstract, its acceptance as oral or poster, and potential further documentation. Notification about grants will be in mid May; recipients of grants are supposed to register by May 18 for the conference to benefit from the early bird fees.


    Travel Bursaries

    The travel bursary intends to allow a person to travel to the conference who would otherwise not be able to attend the conference. The bursary will include registration to the conference including the Conference Dinner, plus up to EUR 1200 to support travel expenses. Preference will be given to applications requiring long distance travel. Applications for the travel bursary should be supported by a reasonable (and substantiated) estimate of expected travel expenses for travel and stay.

    Student scholarships

    Student scholarships intend to help students to cover the costs incurred with attending the conference. Scholarships include registration to the conference including the Conference Dinner, plus EUR 50 for minor expenses. Applications need to be accompanied by a proof of studentship of the home university.


    Decision about grants will be made by an independent committee, consisting of Tom Carr, Chris Findlay and Michael Meyners, in collaboration with the executive committee of the Sensometric Society. Please send applications accompanied by the abstract as (additionally) submitted to the conference no later than April 10, 2012, to the chair of the Sensometric Society.


    On behalf of the Sensometric Society,

    Michael Meyners (chair)
  • 10 Dec 2011 2:30 PM | Barbara PFEIFFER (Administrator)

    Please find information on the PhD Student Award for the next ESN Industry Meeting @ Aarhus in Denmark (25th-26th April, 2012) and how to apply in our Events section.

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