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Joining the Sensometric Society Group on LinkedIn

The Sensometric Society is a worldwide interdisciplinary institution of members working in the area of statistics for sensory and consumer science. This group is open to everyone interested in Sensometrics, in particular members of the society.

This Sensometric Society forum is intended for everyone interested in sensometrics, especially members, past members and participants of one of the Sensometrics meetings. It is to enable ideas and information sharing, discuss recent publications and presentations, discuss statistical approaches to sensometric problems, and share information about society events. Any content related to Sensometrics or the Sensometric Society is acceptable.

Please note that the LinkedIn Group site might be accessible by the public, so confidential or sensitive information should not be posted here. Opinions expressed on this belong to the participant making the comment, not to the Sensometric Society. The society does not endorse any of the content that appears in this group.

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